Why Study Certificate Course in Embryology at IIRFT ?

International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training aims to provide trainings dedicated to academic excellence that provides essential knowledge and skills about assisted reproductive technologies to generate competent clinical embryologists and andrologists.

Certificate Course in Embryology is designed to nurture students (potential embryologists, andrologists, physicians, and others involved in the practice of ART) to achieve expertise in medical technologists and assistants in the growing field of embryology. The program will introduce students to reproductive science. Embryology technologists (also known as embryologists) often participate in daily activities of embryo culturing. The prime goal is to provide multidisciplinary training in current technology to meet the dynamic needs in clinical aspects of assisted reproductive medicine embryology and andrology. This program was specifically designed to create a link between clinical, laboratory and molecular reproductive medicine and the basic sciences as well as to evaluate skills and offer training in basic and advanced techniques.

Candidates will closely assist IVF specialists, doctors, senior embryologists and other medical staff members to ensure that in vitro fertilization (IVF) patients receive utmost care. IVF laboratories provide a full array of fertility services including andrology testing and endocrinology testing. This training course gives splendid opportunities for scientists and clinicians to earn practical experience in Embryology and Assisted Reproduction Technology and infertility including human reproduction procedures in relevance to manipulation of fertility and new ways of laboratory approaches to treat reproductive diseases.

To achieve the program’s purpose, the program created the following objectives :

  • Understand the reproductive endocrinologists, embryologists and andrologists perspective for infertility treatment.
  • Explore world-practices in clinical embryology and reproductive medicine research
  • Predict future laboratory and personnel requirements
  • Gain excellence in practical experience in embryology and andrology

Job Opportunities in Embryology

There are numerous career opportunities for potential embryologists to get a position at reputed fertility clinics. Your educational background and deep knowledge of embryology will certainly be an asset to work in reproductive laboratories.

In order to excel in the field of embryology, a bachelor’s degree in a science-related field is preferred.

IIRFT transforms a diverse group of embryology practitioners into skilled group of professionals. IIRFT is a place of embryology practitioners, embryologists and the public to foster and advocate excellence in the practice of reproductive embryology.

If you have the passion to learn about state of the ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) with cutting edge technology under the guidance of Dr. Rita Bakshi & Competent Team, Get admission now by filling the details in the section mentioned below or write us at contact@iirft.com for any query.

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