Fellowship in Embryology


Welcome to the International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training (IIRFT), an IVF and Embryology training institute, based in the capital, New Delhi. IIRFT offers the most advanced training at national and international level to candidates who are enthusiastic to make a career in the field of assisted reproductive technologies. Our IVF and embryology training centre has been providing ART training since 2010 and in the last five and a half years we pride for ourselves to have successfully trained over 500 candidates.

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Course Objectives

By offering IVF and embryology training courses, the program courses will provide a depth of knowledge and understanding of topics and issues within the field of Assisted Reproduction Technology. A complete learning experience will be provided not only just through lectures and videos by eminent people in this field but also by hands-on-training.

Our Philosophy

IIRFT is committed to provide training and guidance to candidates to bring academic excellence, cutting-edge technology, and skilled experience to people who are enthusiastic to learn about ART procedures. Participants will gain an understanding of the complex issues that surround the provision of modern infertility treatments as well as a grasp of current management strategies for infertile couples.

Quality Teaching and Training

Our individualized mentorship approach has made our programs one of the most popular destinations for understanding reproductive studies in India. We continuously strive to enhance the quality of our teaching and training, based on feedback received from every researcher and trainee who participates in our programs.

Who Can Apply

The short-term courses are open for national and international students. Medical graduates, gynaecologists, physicians, potential embryologists, andrologists, researchers and technologists interested in conducting cutting-edge basic science or clinical research in the field of assisted reproductive technologies can apply to our program.

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