Basic Course in Semenology & IUI

Duration : 2 Days

Eligibility Criteria

BSC, MSC or any other life science background, BVSC, MVSC, BHMS, BAMS, BUMS, MBBS, MD, MRCOG, FRCOG or any medical degree, etc…

Course Objectives

Basic Course in Semenology & IUI

This course is ideal for beginners and aims at providing basic to advanced knowledge in semenology and sperm preparation techniques. With our guided training, this course will help the applicants understand the sperm processing techniques and would also learn to perform the same.

Methodology of the Training

  • Male and Female Infertility
  • Investigations related to Infertility
  • lUI and stimulation Protocol
  • Investigations related to Infertility
  • Collection and delivery of semen sample
  • Routine semen analysis
  • Microscopic examination for count and motility
  • Morphology estimation according to WHO & Kruger’s strict criterion
  • Optional test like sperm chromatin assay, ROS estimation, estimation of zinc, anti sperm antibodies etc
  • Sperm preparation techniques
  • Safety guidelines for andryology laboratory

Educational Teaching Methods

  • Interactive discussion and teaching sessions
  • Hands-on laboratory training sessions
  • Live lectures and multimedia presentations

Evaluation of Trainee

Knowledge : Multiple-choice questions on lab techniques linked to each course module.

Practical skills : Tested on specific lab techniques taught during the training.

Verbal and communication skills : PPT talk on a topic linked to a course module.

Each Participant Will Receive

  • Course Syllabus with Reading Material and Lab Protocols.
  • Controlled Access to the State-of-the-art lab at International Fertility Centre.
  • Certificate of Training (issued upon successful assessment by the instructor.)


  • Travel and accommodation is extra. IIRFT can provide assistance in arranging.

When acquiring new concepts and skills, there is no substitute for learning by doing. At IIRFT on average, 50% of your course time is devoted to hands-on exercises to give you practical, hands-on experience, course activities and real-world simulations to help you apply your new skills immediately when you return to your job.

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