The Impact of IVF Training Programs in India

Infertility is a major concern nowadays as about 10 percent of the general population suffers from infertility. However, the taboo has vanished over the years and the popularity of IVF training courses is increasing with each passing day.

Despite the advancements in assisted reproductive technologies, there is a dearth of embryologists and IVF specialists in the country. The growing number of IVF centres in India is an indispensable asset. The ART treatments success rates are also increasing with the major advancements in medical science. Thus, candidates who are seeking IVF training can have worthwhile opportunities to work in fertility clinics.

While the advanced IVF Training programs involve basic IVF Training courses that are specially crafted for novice. For example, ‘Basic course in Semenology IUI’ is perfect for beginners as it provides in-depth insight into the field of andrology. The course helps the candidates learn about the sperm per se and various sperm processing techniques that are used for various ART procedures. In similar fashion, ‘Certificate course in ART’ offered by various reproductive institutes, can be explained as an extension of the Introductory course in ART. These courses are designed by renowned fertility experts in such a way that it includes short-term practical trainings at IVF centres to understand the live functioning of ART procedures. The goal of short-term courses is to provide comprehensive theoretical knowledge coupled with hands-on training on a one-by-one basis in all the aspects of IVF & ICSI.

Methodology of Training

The purpose of IVF Training courses is to know the ethical considerations of the treatment processes and having a detailed idea about the IVF cycle, pre-evaluation and testing processes. At International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training (IIRFT), consideration is given to provide quality education through IVF Training courses.

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