Step-by-step process of Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is a method used in assisted reproductive procedures to detect any chromosomal abnormalities of genetic defects in your growing baby. It is highly recommended for couples undergoing IVF treatment in India to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby.

The steps of the IVF process include :

  • Medications are given to suppress a woman’s natural menstrual cycle
  • Her ovaries are then stimulated with medications to produce multiple follicles – each of which may contain an oocyte (egg)
  • The eggs are retrieved from the woman’s ovary through a needle inserted in the vagina.
  • In the lab, the eggs are combined with the male partner’s sperm in a special culture medium that allows fertilization and the growth of high-quality embryos.


  • Embryo biopsy may be performed after 3 days of culturing in the laboratory. The embryos are typically 8-cell embryos on Day-3 and the process involves the removal of 1-2 cells.
  • After the biopsy and following receipt of the results from the genetic/chromosomal testing, embryos of the best quality that are not affected by the genetic disorder or chromosomal abnormality are selected for transfer into the uterus. For day 3 embryo biopsies, the embryo is usually transferred “fresh” following 2 additional days of culture in the laboratory (Day-5 embryo transfer).
  • In some cases, the biopsy will be done on either Day 5 or 6. At this stage, the embryo consists of many cells and is called a blastocyst. Cells are removed from the outer layer of cells called the trophectoderm.
  • Following the biopsy of a good quality blastocyst, the blastocyst is then frozen. When the patient receives the results from the genetic testing, the non-affected or chromosomally normal blastocysts are thawed and transferred in a subsequent frozen embryo cycle.

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