Progression in the field of Embryology Assisted Reproductive Technology

Evolution of the concept of Assisted Reproduction

Infertility is becoming a common problem in both male and female in India. In the year of 1978, when the world became known to “first test tube baby” with the help of ART (assisted reproductive technology), since then, it gained its importance. And still, is progressing day by day. Other methods like embryo/sperm freezing (cryopreservation) were adopted by cancer patients for safe storage of their gamete. Surrogacy also became an important aspect and new ray of hope for many childless couples, but due to ethical issues, every country has its own regulations for surrogacy treatment.

Suggestions for students willing to make career as Infertility Specialist

With the vast embryology field, you have got lots of faculties and programmes of your choice. However, if you choose embryology course in India, there are following subjects of research in which you can pursue and groom your career for future. Several subjects like Assisted reproductive technology, stem cell therapy, birth defects and fetal surgery are some of the subjects which best subjects for embryology research.

Out of above-mentioned topics, ART has gained attention among researchers, medical students and clinical practitioners. The embryology training courses will offer you in-depth knowledge about artificial insemination, cryopreservation (gamete/egg), multiple ovulation inductions, embryos transfer, IVF (In vitro fertilisation) etc.

Psychological management of infertile couples

The role of a psycho counselor in infertility treatment cannot be ignored meanwhile. For becoming a competent IVF specialist, you will be trained about dealing infertile couples both psychologically and physiologically. The role of Clinical Embryologist also includes giving pre-conceptual advice to prospective parents who include about lifestyle and diet. Age has been the major contributing factor to the obstetric risks linked with assisted reproduction (ART) with more than 50 % women above 35 years of age.

In a nutshell there in no doubt that, this assisted reproduction is an immerging field in the reproductive medicine. Infertility specialists are in high demand these days in government hospitals, private infertility clinics and infertility research centre.

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