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Embryo transfer method is very critical, and it needs the highest sense of expertise and professionalism, for the best chances of success. Embryos are placed in the endometrium lining of uterus. If the ovum is dislocated then it may lead to ectopic pregnancy.

Steps of embryo transfer:

For the development of eggs in the ovarian follicles, a woman is injected with medicines. The eggs which developed in the ovaries through medicines are removed, when the follicle get matured. The eggs and sperms are then fused, and next day fertilization is checked. Then we transfer the embryos either on day 3 or day 5. Day 3 transfer is known as the cleavage stage transfer and day 5 transfer is known as the blastocyst transfer

Device used in the procedure are:

  • Embryo transfer catheter
  • Transabdominal ultrasound

Steps of embryo loading are:

In embryo loading, we select embryo morphologically and then load in the catheter by following steps:

step 1: Media
step 2: Air gap
step 3: Embryos with media
step 4: Air gap.

Procedure of embryo transfer:

  • We load embryos into the inner catheter, and the inner catheter is placed through the outer sheath.
  • The stiffness of outer sheath guides the inner catheter through the cervical canal which is curve in shape, to the perfect location in the middle of the cavity.
  • Under the microscope, the loaded embryo is transferred under the trans-abdominal ultrasound guidance.

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