Learn About Embryo Grading and Selection at IIRFT

Embryo grading is a process in which embryologist selects the embryos on the basis of grading. This grading process may be different in different labs, as it is one of the most subjective things an embryologist does.

Cleavage stage: It is very important to evaluate the precise embryo quality to sustain an IVF program. The quality assessment depends upon the morphological evaluation of cleavage stage embryos. Through this method embryologist become able to correlate features with implantation potential of each particular embryo.

How to grade a cleavage stage embryo:

Before blastocyst stage and after fertilization- we grade the embryos on an scale of A,B,C and D. This scale is based upon the following factors:

  • Rate of development on that particular day
  • Synchrony of cell division
  • Fragmentation percentage
  • Evenness of cell division

Classification system of the embryo is based upon the evaluation of following factors:

  • Number of blastomeres
  • The symmetry of the blastomeres
  • The degree of fragmentation
  • The presence of multinucleation
  • The presence of compaction status

Blastocyst grading: Around the third day after fertilization embryo are transferred, at “the cleavage” stage of development. Embryos can be also left in an incubator in a lab for five days, reaching the blastocyte stage. It is not always possible that every fertilized embryo will reach the blastocyst stage outside the body, but if it happens, it will give you a better chance to become pregnant.

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