Indications for Cryopreservation of Sperm

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Cryopreservation associated with husband’s insemination is often considered before any therap that endangers the donor’s Reproductive integrity. This is a common practice before chemotherapy or radiotherapy for malignancies. These therapies produce azoospermia in most treated adult males and have small likelihood that these men will eventually recover spermatogenesis after therapy is discontinued. Testicular tumors tend to occur in young men and the surgery and subsequent chemo and radiotherapy will make such men sterile. Storage of semen samples prior to therapy and their use in artificial insemination at a later date will allot these patients to complete family, long after the tumor is successfully treated. Another application of cryopreservation concerns “fertility insurance” for vasectomy candidates. The high probability that anti sperm antibodies will form post vasectomy with fertility implications, make banking of sperm prior to vasectomy, an attractive alternative for some men.

A number of husbands who work abroad or may be away for few months or at the crucial time of ovulation treatment resulting in delay till husbands return. Such delays in therapy may be avoided by storing husband’s samples for use during therapy.

Problems concerned with neurological disease, ejaculation may be a problem and it may be difficult for the patient to produce a semen sample. Such semen sample is valuable and if it can be stored safely, it can be used for insemination for several cycles in small aliquots. Cryopreservation of such samples of semen may thus enhance probability of conception substantially with assisted reproductive technologies. Men who anticipate problems collecting sample during IVF or GIFT procedures can bank a sample in advance of the procedure for use in the event where a fresh ejaculate is unobtainable.

Attempts to accumulate sperm by freezing multiple samples from oligospermia patient are usually unsuccessful because abnormal semen samples freeze poorly with very low recovery of motility. In view of this limitation, the low success rate and the necessity of collecting and preparing multiple samples, this approach is not recommended.

Cyropreservation is therapeutic donor insemination and is the single most important application of cryopreservation.

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