Is ICSI the Pandora Box of all male infertility problems?

Increase in the alarming rate of male infertility

Due to advancement in the case of infertility issues nowadays, the demand for fertility experts are also on the upsurge. Male infertility is becoming common these days accounting for approx 30% of total infertility rate globally. Several factors like alcohol abuse, smoking, fast foods, medications and unhealthy working lifestyle have contributed to male infertility.

Scope of reproductive medicine

Reproductive medicine is an immerging field in the medical science field. The scope of embryology in India is also seeking all the researchers, medical students and physicians’ attention. This is a vast field which investigates on the causes, diagnosis and cure of infertility involving the use of several hormones or drugs. Diagnosis of infertility is a vital requirement as some of the parts of infertility fall under unexplained infertility also.

Crossing all barriers for the sperm is not easy

To undergo successful pregnancy, it is of utmost importance that, sperm have crossed all the barriers thereby completely fertilizing the egg. For penetration into the egg, there are mainly four steps involves. They are as follows:

  • Penetration of sperm into the cervical mucous
  • Hyper activation of the sperm
  • Acrosome reaction
  • Oocyte penetration

CASA as most advanced semen analysis technique

Sperm kinematics determines the number of sperm that is capable of crossing the sperm-cervical mucus which usually decides the rate of success of fertilization. CASA (Computer-aided sperm analysis) is a modernized technique which can detect semen analysis on different important parameters. Some of the essential parameters which CASA can detect are sperm’s quality, concentration, motility, progressive motility, morphology, vitality & fragmentation.

A conventional semen analysis, as it is made in a Reproductive biology clinic or general laboratory, tries to find out the quality of the sample. For that purpose, the microscopic characteristics must be evaluated: the concentration of the spermatozoa in the seminal liquid, their motility, morphology, vitality, and more recently, the presence of DNA fragmentation is evaluated.

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