How to become an Embryologist ?

Embryology is a study comprises of in-depth knowledge about embryo development. The field of embryology has grown tremendously over the years. With great advancements in the field of medical science, especially in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology, many medical candidates have expressed their keen interest in learning about test-tube babies and in vitro fertilization procedures. For those who are looking for high-quality embryology training in India requires both – knowledge of clinical laboratory techniques and wider understanding of reproductive sciences.

Responsibilities of an Embryologist

The main duties and responsibilities of an embryologist include collection of eggs from patients at the perfect time of the cycle, insemination and checking whether fertilization has occurred or not. An embryologist ensures success of fertilization process. During the IVF treatment, an embryologist examines the embryo’s quality by grading and monitoring its development. The embryo, created from the male partner’s sperm and female’s donor is then transferred back into the woman’s uterus. Specialized techniques are used to identify egg quality and to perform the entire procedure.

Work and Additional Responsibilities

An embryologist plays a vital role during the in vitro fertilization (IVF) program that leads the journey to a successful pregnancy for the intended couple who otherwise would not have been able to conceive. Embryologists work in a clean, hygienic working environment, mostly in laboratories and operating theatres.

To become a clinical embryologist at a fertility clinic, an embryologist should have done clinical embryology training. An embryologist is also responsible for doing intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) process in which the sperm is directly injected into an egg. At IVF clinics, they work with a highly-skilled team of IVF specialists, nurses and other medical professionals from various medical fields.

Basic Educational Requirements

An individual who wants to become an embryologist should possess a bachelor’s degree in biology or biomedicine and a Master’s degree in reproductive science.

Embryology Training in Delhi

International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training (IIRFT) offers embryology training and most advanced short-term courses that are related with embryology studies. The courses include Basic Course in Semenology IUI, Advanced Course in ICSI, Introductory Course in ART, Certificate Course in ART and Advanced Course in Cryopreservation. Besides that, IIRFT offers various IVF training courses that includes – Let’s do IUI, Let’s do ART and workshops.

Scope of Job Opportunities/Future Aspects of Embryology

Since embryology is a relatively new field in India, and as far as the job prospects of an embryologist is concerned, he gets handsome salary from the fertility clinics. There has been a growing demand for embryologists to do IVF treatment services at fertilityclinics in India.

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