How Does Embryology Course Make a Difference in Your Career?

International Institute of Reproductive and Fertility Training (IIRFT) offer a 10 day certificate course in embryology. An embryology course is an essential component in becoming expert in the field of Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ARTs). To gain detailed knowledge and deliver higher success rates for infertility treatments such as, IVF and ICSI, embryology course is a necessity.

What does an Embryology course includes?

Before blastocyst stage and after fertilization- we grade the embryos on an scale of A,B,C and D. This scale is based upon the following factors:

  • Introduction to lab procedures, consumables, equipment and apparatus, handling of pipettes and pumps.
  • Embryo cleavage, blastocysts, and culture medium.
  • Embryo selection, embryo replacement and embryo transfer.
  • Sperm preparation, assessment, cryopreservation, preparation for IVF and ICSI stimulation protocols.
  • Oocyte retrieval, grading of oocytes and insemination.
  • Quality control and maintenance, record-keeping.
  • ICSI: Alignment of injection needles and immobilization of sperm other micromanipulation techniques.
  • Troubleshooting.

Why should you pursue embryology course at IIRFT?

At IIRFT, we focus on theoretical as well as practical knowledge. Our staff includes some of the renowned experts in embryology who provide guidance at every step. IIRFT provides hands-on training for the practical exposure to their student which helps in better understanding and boosting their carrier. Hands-on experience and training is provided for the procedures listed below:

  • Sperm preparation for IUI and ART
  • Dish preparation for IVF and ICSI
  • Dishes, Tubes & Consumables (ET Catheters, Ovum Pickup Needles, etc.)
  • Routine Semen analysis, advanced semen analysis
  • Semen washing technique
  • Semen freezing and thawing
  • Media preparation for IVF
  • Follicular fluid screening
  • Oocyte identification and retrieval
  • Egg structure & fluid washing & removing cumulus
  • Oocyte grading and handling
  • Oocyte insemination by conventional IVF procedure and ICSI
  • Oocyte fertilization check and assessment
  • Assisted hatching.
  • ICSI procedure
  • Embryo culture in vitro
  • Embryo grading day 2 to day 6
  • Embryo selection, loading and transfer & embryo replacement
  • Embryo cleavage, blastocysts, and culture medium
  • Embryo fragmentation removal
  • Freezing and thawing of Sperm & Embryo
  • Cryopreservation
  • Reports preparations
  • Quality control, quality assurance and proficiency testing in IVF laboratory
  • Trouble shooting in an IVF laboratory

International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training is an equal opportunity cell that welcomes both national and international students. IIRFT is equipped with the most updated cutting-edge technology in the field of ARTs.

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