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How Certificate Course in ART improves your skills in Assisted Reproduction?

Certificate Course in ART at IIRFT

IIRFT is an IVF institute India, which provides a certificate course in ART to its participants to improve their skills in performing more successful IVF treatments. The main objective of this course is to broaden the understanding of the principles and practices in the field of assisted reproduction technology. Through this course, our students achieve hands-on experience in state-of-the-art laboratories along with expertise in quality control and assurance, cryopreservation, setting up of IVF lab, oocyte and embryo handling, semen analysis and preparation and much more.

At the completion of this course, you will have a thorough knowledge of the complicated issues surrounding the availability of infertility treatments as well as latest management strategies for couples with infertility.

What are the qualifications required to pursue certificate course in ART?

IIRFT offers various ART training courses in India under the guidance of IVF experts and highly-skilled ART specialists. The eligibility criteria for applying for a certificate course in ART demands the following educational qualifications: MSC, BSC, MVSC, BVSC, BHMS, BUMS, MBBS, BAMS, FRCOG, MRCOG or any other medical diploma.

What is the future of ART Trainings in India?

Around 15% of couples face infertility making their parenthood dream almost impossible. In addition, Infertility is becoming a commonplace and is on a constant rise.

However, Infertility can be treated under the guidance of skilled IVF expertise and therefore, achieve parenthood. With latest advancements in reproductive medicine field, approximately 85% of cases in Infertility are being treated through IVF, ICSI or fertility medications. This has subsequently led to rising demand of assisted reproduction technology and there are numerous career opportunities available for students to gain perfection in ART treatments through ART training courses. IIRFT is one of the topmost IVF training centres Delhi that offers competitive trainings in the field of assisted reproduction.

IIRFT has successfully trained more than 500 candidates to gain excellence in the field of ART. At the end of the training course with IIRFT, our students get employed by renowned fertility centres and hospitals. They can also grab various internships at fertility clinics to gain mastery in performing ART treatments worldwide.

IIRFT warmly welcomes you to begin your career as a certified ART expert and flourish your skills to achieve great success in the field of reproductive medicine.

If you have the passion to learn about state of the ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) with cutting edge technology under the guidance of Dr. Rita Bakshi & Competent Team, Get admission now by filling the details in the section mentioned below or write us at contact@iirft.com for any query.

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