What are the factors affecting IVF in state-of-the-art labs?

Here at IIRFT, a leading fertility institute in India, we wish to become the leaders in spreading awareness about infertility treatments. Today, we are going to discuss the factors affecting the success rates of IVF treatment in a state-of-the-art lab.

In-vitro fertilization is a procedure where the man’s and female’s parent reproductive gametes are extracted, stored in a laboratory Petri dish and fused together to form an embryo. Once the embryo is formed, it is transferred into the female parent to achieve a successful pregnancy.

Below are the factors affecting In-vitro Fertilization treatments performed at our IVF training institute in India, International Institute of Reproduction & Fertility Training

Osmolality–For successful IVF treatments in India, osmolality should be in the range of 280-300 mOsmol/kg if media is purchased in bulk or used for extended periods, osmolality check by an osmometer is desirable.

pH–In-vitro fertilization has been reported in pH between 7.2 and 7.6. However, optimum fertilization is observed at pH 7.4, which is the physiological pH of blood.

Buffer system – The buffer system most commonly used is bicarbonate buffer under 5% CO2 in air. The most important reason for the choice of this system is comparability with the physiological system in the blood.

Temperature-Maintaining and monitoring a temperature of 37 degree Celsius right from oocyte collection till embryo transfer is a must. Early embryos are adversely affected by even slight elevation in temperature. Layering with mineral oil equilibrated with culture media serves as cushion for eliminating abrupt changes in pH, osmolality and temperature.

Light – Long term exposure to light radiation is deleterious to the embryo. The effects vary depending on the wavelength and the developmental stage Fluorescent light can be replaced by yellow light. Efficiency in performing the procedures is most desirable to counter the effects.

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