Guide to understand the significance of Embryo in human body!

International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training is offering Certificate Course in Embryology. This institution is a trusted institute in India, located in Delhi. We are providing the best courses related to various fertility programs. This institute offers all courses with first-hand training and practice sessions.

Certificate Course in Embryology incorporates supervision and instruction to expand comprehensive skills and apprehension in all parts of embryology including andrology, ICSI, cryopreservation etc. The offered courses offer accurate procedures to give surety of maximum achievement rates. The focal point of this course is to offer students, both the recent information and the prospect towards complete learning practice under the guidance of experienced biologists and embryologists.

Located in Delhi,India, the International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training (IIRFT), is a rendering course and training program of Certificate Course in Embryology. There are so many students who are looking for this specific course. We are inviting students from B. Sc, M.Sc or associated to life science background, or for any medical degree holder, BVSC, MVSC, BHMS, BAMS, BUMS, MBBS, MD, MRCOG, FRCOG etc..are qualified to join this course. IIRFT is about to start a fresh batch of Certificate Course in Embryology from next month. The maximum duration of this certificate course with training session is 10 days.

Characteristics of training of Certificate Course in Embryology

Certificate Course in Embryology imparts a student actual familiarity of sperm preparation for IUI and ART, training on how to prepare dishes, dish training for IVF and ICSI, tubes & consumables (ET Catheters, Ovum Pick Up Needles, etc. Beside this, IIRFT is also offering training for Oocyte classification and retrieval, egg structure & fluid washing & removing cumulus, Oocyte grading and handling, Oocyte insemination by conventional IVF procedure and ICSI and Oocyte fertilization check and assessment. Under the expert direction of Dr. Rita Bakshi, our institution also gives routine Semen analysis, advanced semen analysis with semen washing technique, semen freezing, and thawing, media preparation for IVF and follicular fluid screening. Also, this certificate course comprises how to assist hatching, ICSI procedure with embryo culture in vitro, embryo grading day 2 to day 6. Our International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training organization’s Certificate Course in Embryology is offering assistance to students how to organize their reports, with how to ensure quality control, quality assurance and expertise testing in IVF laboratory and troubleshooting in an IVF laboratory.

Course Outline:

  • • Introduction to lab development, equipment, and procedure, consumable, management of pipettes and pumps
    • Oocyte recovery, grading of location and insemination
    • Embryo cleavage, blastocysts, and culture medium
    • Embryo selection, embryo replacement, and embryo transmit
    • Sperm training, evaluation, cryopreservation, examine for IVF and ICSI stimulation protocols
    Quality control and preservation, recordkeeping
    • ICSI: Placement of injection needles and immobilization of sperm additional micromanipulation skills.
    • Troubleshooting

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