How Embryology Course helps you to enhance your ART skills?

IIRFT (International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training) is a specialized embryology and IVF training institute, headed by Dr Rita Bakshi who is one of the most renowned embryologists in the country. Due to the high demand of exceptionally qualified embryologists in the world, International Institute of Reproduction and Fertility Training in partnership with the International Fertility Centre launched specialized courses on Assistive Reproductive Techniques and Embryology for this session. The Course in Embryology is precisely designed to cultivate specialization in our candidates in order to gain eminence in the rapidly- advancing field of embryology.

IIRFT presents number of short-term coursed in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) that include Semenology and Intrauterine Insemination, Advanced ICSI course, Introduction to ARTs, Certificate course in ART, Training in Embryology and Advanced course in cryopreservation for students who want to have an extensive training on an individual basis in all the major fields of ARTs.

According to Dr Rita Bakshi, “Infertility is rising globally and there is a large-scale need for well-trained Embryologists who are excelling in the field of ART. We will equip our students with a firm ground in the practical and theoretical aspects of ART and Embryology

Our ART course of Embryology is intended to accomplish the following aims:

  • Grasp the medical reproductive expertise towards treatments of infertility.
  • Explore the global practices in clinical embryology and specific medical research in the field of reproduction.
  • All round learning experience including holding audiences with best embryologists of the country.
  • Gain expertise in practical and theoretical applications in andrology and embryology.

Opportunities after pursuing the course in Embryology:

Your deep knowledge of embryology and educational background will be a resource for working in reproductive laboratories. The scope of Embryology is on the rise due to very less number of well qualified Embryologists, all across the globe. There is number of career opportunities for embryologists to hold a reputable position at leading fertility clinics. IIRFT moulds passionate embryology practitioners into a group of proficient professionals. IIRFT is a place for spirited embryology practitioners and embryologists who want to foster and advocate excellence in the field of reproductive embryology. If you have the passion to learn about the cutting-edge course in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) with superb technology under the guidance of Dr Rita Bakshi & a very experienced Team, Get admission now by filling the details in the section mentioned below or write us at [email protected] for any query. The session is about to start so enrol now. Limited seats

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